Monday, August 14, 2006

Creating your Personal Learning Environment resources

On Thursday the 3rd of August I presented a workshop on Creating your Personal Learning Environment as part of a NSW LearnScope Workshop.

The resources on the presentation wiki may be of use to anyone interested in building their PLE.

Jo Kay has also made a great post on her blog about what elements she includes in her PLE and why - Cleaning up my PLE for CLC.

You might notice that Jo has been tagging her own posts - those relevant to the CLC - with 'clcommunity' in her account. This is a great way to ensure that relevant blog posts are fed to the group (since you should have subscribed to the tag's RSS feed in your favourite news reader by now!).

I've added links to both Jo's post and my PLE presentation wiki to the Creating a Personal Learning Environment resources page of the CLC wiki.

Stephan Ridgway has setup up a room for the OMN in NSW TAFE's new Macromedia Breeze Webconferencing setup.

Last Tuesday night the OMN tested it out. We had a lot of fun, and I was pretty impressed with some of its features which make it suitable to do more 'hands-on' type sessions, something I haven't been willing to attempt with Elluminate.

I'm thinking over the next few weeks I might do an online version of the Creating your PLE workshop, so stay tuned.

(Photo of LearnScope workshop by Robyn Jay)


Blogger Stephan said...

Thanks Sean some great tip on keeping connected in learning networks. One way I keep track of blog posts is to use watchlists set to specific tags using the Technorati service
You have to sign up to be create a watchlist (they have rss feeds offcourse) The only hitch with this method is that it is only works if bloggers tag their posts, miost don't. You can search blogs genericly for terms and this works ok.

7:14 AM  

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