Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Do we need an aggregated RSS feed?

One of our newest members - Mark van Harmelen (who seems to be something of an expert on PLEs) - has created a combined RSS feed of all the member's feeds at FeedBlendr.

I'm wondering if we need to create a combined feed though.

We had originally planned to do that, but decided that since people weren't exclusively going to blog about CLC-related topics it may contain a lot of irrelevant posts.

Instead we were taking the approach of encouraging people tobookmark and tag their relevant posts in del.icio.us with our tag - 'clcommunity'- as Jo Kay has done with her latest excellent post - Wikispaces: My Personal Portfolio.

Having said that, looking at the current combined feed it looks fairly focused, so maybe it's a good idea after all.

The other issue is who is responsible for it?

Only Mark can update the FeedBlendr feed.

I was originally thinking of setting up the combined feed at my FeedDigest account which I have used to display our RSS feed of resources saved at del.icio.us and tagged with 'clcommunity' in the sidebar of this blog.

But do I want to take individually responsibility for these resources? What happens when I am no longer a facilitator on this project?

This is a perennial problem with online services, especially when being used by a group. At least with some services like Blogger and Wikispaces you can have multiple admins (using their own individual accounts) and administration can be handed over at anytime.

Neither using Mark's FeedBlendr feed or my FeedDigest feed is sustainable, so I'm wondering what we should do about that.

Do we need to consider setting up a new FeedDigest account just for the CLC and make the username and password available for everyone so anyone can update it?

Then we can use that for the del.icio.us feed and the combined member's RSS feeds.

(Image of combined CLC RSS feeds from Mark van Harmelen)


Blogger Mark van Harmelen said...

Personally I don't find the load of seeing non-CLC posts in member's blogs to be onerous, it gives me an idea of who they are and what they are interested in. But like Sean I could see a role for a more specific clcomunity list of posts via delicious.

So, in the context of "Do we need to consider setting up a new FeedDigest account just for the CLC and make the username and password available for everyone so anyone can update it?" I'd go for a resounding "Yes!"

I would suggest that anyone joining the group is given a 'welcome pack' containing at least the FeedDigest user name and password, and perhaps the admin user name and password for this blog. Trusting? Yes. Overly so? I don't know. Maybe the admin details for this blog should come later when someone has shown themselves to be a committed person. These are matters of policy, and as far as I know we are trail-blazing here.

My presumption is that one can edit FeedDigest combined feeds -- my experience of the FeedBlendr was that the combined feed was hard to set up because there were no editing facilities. It annoyingly took me two attempts to get the feed set up.

Incidentally, another couple of tags that you might find interesting on delicious are "ple" and "PLE_workshop_2006". these should work:



7:08 PM  
Blogger alexanderhayes said...

...and there in lies the issue. Multiple people logging in under the same digital identity.....costs for adding multiple feeds or soups of feed mash cascading into pages at a rate of knots. Imagine the map on the CLC using Touchgraph 1.0 ( if it worked) even after a month of fun.

We need some structure .....to work away from...and we need more questions.

Yay! Connected learning communities are being built.

1:04 AM  
Blogger alexanderhayes said...

....and....comment moderated Blogger blogs shit me no end.

Spam be damned I say.....till it's blocked all my Blogging arteries.

With email, name and word verification in place is comment moderation just the insignia of the educated elite? Or am I in the wrong sport here ?

1:10 AM  
Blogger Jo Kay said...

Agree with Mark about the non-CLC posts - it gives context and personality to the community, and helps me understand where people are coming from.

However, not so sure about this feedburner business... as it requires a group password - which never seems to work for me.

The thing I like about the del.icio.us tags is that it's individual - no one needs to administer an account, and we can still collectively mash together.

But... I'm open to being convinced! ;-)

1:37 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

Well, it sounds like a blended feed is a goer. We'll give it a try and see how it goes.

I'll create a new FeedDigest account for the group. We can use that for both the del.icio.us feed and the blended blog feed.

Jo - I share your concerns about the group identity issue, but unfortunately del.icio.us doesn't provide the display code for combined tags, only a tag from your own account. That's why I had to use FeedDigest in the first place.

Mark - I am taking steps to open up this blog, although I think it's too trusting to open it up to anyone - a post on that to follow.

Alex - I hadn't given the word verification issue any thought. It seems to have been set up like that by default. I'll take it off, but at the first sign of any spam it will probably have to go back on again.

3:15 PM  

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