Monday, November 13, 2006

Assembling our thoughts

When we started on this project one of our goals was:

To define and address the various challenges to the implementation of Web 2.0 technologies and related learning models including resistance and objections that come from institutions, teachers, management, IT departments (e.g. Internet safety & child protection, privacy & confidentiality, copyright, libel, accessibility, technology access & the digital divide, standards/assessment/accreditation)
To develop strategies for introducing the tools and new learning models to teachers, educational managers.

Since that time there has been a huge amount of discussion on these issues on the Networks forums and in the various allied projects.

If you do have any insights, whinges or bright ideas that you want recorded please write about them on your own blog and they will be included or contribute to the paper being assembled on the CLC wiki

Monday, November 06, 2006

Preparing a position Paper

Tomorrow Tuesday 7th November we will be having two general sessions on how to facilitate in Breeze at 1pm and again at 7pm.
To join us go to and login as a guest.

At 8pm we will be having a session where we talk about where we are on our learning journey, about what works and what doesn't work in relation to building connected learning communitites as part of our preparation for end of year reporting.

This is a conversation that several groups are having at this time of the year so I'm hoping that we will be able to feed our thoughts into the Advanced Learnscope team on Wednesday afternoon and several wikis gathering case studies.


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Live session Wednesday 8th Nov 1.30pm

The NSW Learnscope Advanced team of which many of us are members is doing something very similar to what we planning in relation to a position paper at the moment, so it makes a lot of sense to combine voices.

If you're free can you please join Vivian Evans in a live session on DiscoverE 1.30pm - 3pm AEST Wednesday 8th November.

Topic: sharing what works, key issues, strategies to overcome issues, tools we can use to best keep our teams informed, getting the most out of maximise the connections.

Asynchronous connections for discussion prior and following….

If you would like to take us for a quick (max 10 mins) tour of a certain tool/website then please add your details to the wikispace or email

Creating an ACE CLC

Last week Alan Forbes, who is running a project for Victorian ACE educators came onto one of our Breeeze sessions. He is keen to show a group of 14 Victorian ACE educators how to set up an informal connected learning community.

I told him that I am happy to host a couple of sessions for them or draw them into the existing CLC sessions or other appropriate networks but I am wondering if I am doing them a favour by using Breeze.

At the moment I'm thinking of bringing them into my Tuesday 1pm sessions and just going over the basics of setting up connected blogs but maybe it would be good to have a session using DiscoverE. Can anyone suggest an appropriate Victorian network to plug them into? What platform are most of the Victorian organisations using?

I'd appreciate any suggestions.