Thursday, September 14, 2006

Experimenting with FeedDigest and blended feeds

I've set up a new CLC FeedDigest account to host the tag feed and the blend of member's feeds. This way anyone can adminster it (like the new Bloglines account).

The good news is the new feed is working fine (see the sidebar of this blog).

The bad news is that with a basic free FeedDigest account you can have a maximum of 5 digests, each with a maximum of 5 feeds each, but you can only have a combined total of 10 items anyway. This is fine for personal use, but not great for our use.

We could create multiple digests with six feeds in each and blend them into one mega-digest, but that would be too much hassle.

Mark has also been experimenting with blended feeds.

In this post - A SpeedyFeed page for CLC - he discusses how he's been experimenting with SpeedyFeed, a service which let's you display RSS feeds on a web page. He's set up a CLC SpeedyFeed page -

Mark also did some research into RSS mixers and found that can handle a large number of feeds. He's created a combined feed of all the CLC member's feeds here -

The down side of is that we can't just add new members to the feed - we have to create a new feed from scratch everytime.

If we are going to use a blended feed I think we need to find one that anybody can update.

If anyone would like to explore some of the other feed mixer options, Alan Levine has done a bit of a survey here - CogDogBlog » Barking » RSS Mixers - and there are some others listed here - RSS Compendium - RSS Re-mixers.

(Photo of Steel Blue Angora Blend by Diana LeRoi-Schmidt)


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